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Event websites are more common and intricate nowadays; as many businesses and corporations conduct events for various purposes. To make everything crystal clear and accessible, your event website needs to be perfect. If it is not, it can drive away potential attendees. The interface and content of the website indeed grab the attention of people but your website also needs to load faster to grab their eyeballs. 

Fix slow website loading for your event website?
Your Event Website Loading Time Matters

The event website you own is fabulous and appealing to the intended audience. People are prejudiced against something they experience and the same holds for website visits. If you have slow-loading web pages, they will not put up with it and the result will be far-reaching. A Good page load time is recommended for every website as it can either break or make any business. Your target audience needs to see how great your website is and to attain this your website must have Google recommended page load time
Slow-loading web pages also adversely affect overall website improvement and SEO ranking. In short, an effective website needs to load faster otherwise, you may not be able to inform attendees about your event. When the website appears within a flick of time, the information can be effortlessly communicated such as the time of the event and the place of occurring.

The importance of faster loading time

A page load time is said to be the time taken by the browser to load an entire website; usually measured in seconds. It is said that Google aims to load its web page in half a second. It’s an SEO component and overall website metric. 

  • Ultimate website ranking factor : The importance of faster loading time cannot be overlooked at any cost in our digital world. Every business has websites to meet various purposes. Loading web pages as per Google recommended loading time is a must-have. It is the ultimate ranking factor for website ranking. Understanding the page load time for your business needs careful evaluation of bounce rate using market research tools like web analytics. It can provide great insight into your visitors and you will be in a better place to serve your audience. A good loading time increases your chance of getting a higher ranking in SERP as visitors can finally get in touch with your offerings and propose feedback.
  • SEO- friendliness means faster loading time: Search Engine Optimization is essential for your business. The website’s loading time directly affects the SEO efforts. Attracting and retaining visitors is the core aim of SEO. Faster loading time perhaps Google recommended loading time can help you achieve this. The visitor can enter your website instantly and be benefited. 
  • Higher engagement and visitors: Fix slow website loading on your website to get more traffic and high engagement, expert says.  Several anecdotes on various businesses accentuate this fact. For example, Google itself experienced a great bounce rate after a half-second increase in loading time. 
Fix slow website loading for your event website?
Factors affecting loading time of website
  • The browser you are accessing the web page
  • The type of web hosting
  • The number of HTTP requests
  • The lack of CDN
  • The size of files
  • Too many redirections
  • Mediocre Coding
  • Overall Website Design 
  • The device
  • Your location
Determining the ideal loading time

Finding the ideal loading time for your website can be a little tricky. The loading time for a website may not work for you. As we have already pointed out, many factors contribute to ideal loading time. It is good to use Google recommended loading time for best results. Using web analytics, you can easily find out the perfect loading time that works for you. Fixing slow website loading also varies depending on the device such as a desktop or smartphone.  Ideally, you need to cross-check the entire speed of your website against the whole WWB. 

Things to be noted for a faster loading time

Improving website loading time is about applying practical measures as soon as possible.  You can fix slow website loading by analyzing your pain points specific to the event website. 

Minimized coding – A loading time of a website benefits from less coding. You can quickly achieve minimal coding by deleting unwanted whitespaces and unused codes.

Use a CDN – Content is king and making it more accessible is the key to loading time. A Content Delivery Network helps you load websites faster than you imagine. 

Well-optimized hosting provider – Choose the best hosting service to receive steady website performance including faster loading time. They will be able to provide excellent speed and a powerful website experience. 

Fewer Indirects – Reducing the number of redirections on your website can positively impact your website.

Size of the file matters Fix slow website loading using compressing the size of your files such as CSS, images and HTML.


Faster loading time is essential for all business websites. The slower the website loads, the more customers business will lose in the long run. However, by following the right strategies as explained above will help improve your website loading speeds in no time. If you are not sure where to get started or don’t wish to mess up the situation further, this is where hiring the renowned website development services of a reputed firm like GTECH will help in the long run.

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